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What one person alone can’t do, many people can—together.

We are powered by volunteers.

All of our modest operating costs are covered by donations to our General Fund. Everything else is handled by volunteers. That’s how Small Can Be Big is able to make 100% of your donation go directly to helping the low-income families profiled on our site. Whether you can spare $3 or $300...every penny goes toward making a difference.

So far, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised through

We’ve helped low-income families with everything from covering the costs of an unexpected health crisis, to preventing heat or electricity from being shut off, to avoiding eviction and homelessness, to helping a spouse or partner and children escape domestic violence.

Hundreds and hundreds of local families have been helped.

And we’re just getting started. With your help, we’ll continue to make a direct difference in the lives of local men, women, and children who find themselves unexpectedly on the edge. Because sometimes, all a family in crisis needs to avoid a big catastrophe…is a little help.

A Farewell...A Thank You...and Some Cake!

We recently bid farewell to Maria E. from Boston College School of Social Work. This past year she led several key initiatives here at SCBB, from family referrals to so much more. Thank you, Maria!

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Who has been helped so far?

Our Story

Learn more about how Small Can Be Big got started.

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