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Share the power of giving with your family and friends

When you sponsor a small can be big family you open them up to a whole new world of opportunities. You choose the family. You share their story. And you give the people close to you the chance to get involved.

The goal: Spread the word and help your sponsored family reach theirs. Share on Facebook and Twitter, email your friends and family and don’t forget all stones big or small, still create ripples.

Here’s an idea of what your sponsorship page could look like when finished.

Why It’s Here

Small Can Be Big has raised thousands upon thousands of dollars helping hundreds of families already, but people still want to know “How can I do more?” So we created the Small Can Be Big family sponsorship program. A program that allows people, groups, companies, and other organizations to sponsor families, pool their connections and resources and reach more people than ever before.

How it Works

When you choose to sponsor a Small Can Be Big family, you’ll first need to start an account. Once completed, you’ll create your own personalized sponsorship page to share with friends and family.
Here you will:

  • Create your page title
  • Add a photo you provide or choose one from our library
  • Tell others why you’re helping and why they should join in
  • Create you own unique URL

Once you’re happy with your page and all its contents, hit save and you will have 14 days to spread the word. Simply copy and paste the link any where you want to share it.

Why It Works

Donating any amount to a Small Can Be Big family is an amazing thing. But when you take it a step further by sponsoring a family, you’re not simply helping; you’re connecting yourself and everyone you know to their story. In turn, making a bigger impact with SCCB and greatly helping a family that so desperately needs it.

Examples of Sponsorships

Many of us have so much stuff already. Do we really need anything else? Family sponsorship gives you the chance to give something more valuable, the gift of giving.
It’s a great idea for:

  • Birthday/Holiday gifts
  • Organizational fundraisers
  • In lieu of flowers
  • Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts/Other youth groups


What happens if my sponsored family does not reach their goal?
Don’t worry. Small Can Be Big has a general fund for instances just like this. It ensures every family gets funded. But that doesn’t mean your help is not greatly appreciated and necessary.
Am I the only person raising money for my sponsored family?
No. Your sponsored family’s story still stays open to the public and anyone who would like to help them can.
Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes it is. All donations to Small Can Be Big Inc. are retroactively tax-exempt.
Can I reserve a family to sponsor if I’m not ready to start?
Unfortunately no. Only current families on our website are available for sponsorships.
How long does my sponsorship last for?
Once you publish your sponsorship you will have 14 days before the sponsorship ends.

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